We promised water, education, and hope. These weren’t promises we were capable of keeping. And I’m complicit.

I moved to Afghanistan in January of 2007, the first chance I got, fresh out of grad school. I studied public health and learned that every 28 minutes a woman in Afghanistan dies in childbirth. And doing something about that felt like the most important thing. I had recently left…

When I first left Afghanistan, it was the Mayo that did me in.

Man chasing a colorful bus in Afgh

The first time I came home from Afghanistan, I had been warned that going to the grocery store might be overwhelming.

It was the Mayo that did me in.

I stood there in the fluorescent lights, staring at an entire shelf of clean, neatly organized mayonnaise choices. Frozen with indecision…

I think I’m a normal person, and that it’s normal to become addicted to an addictive substance.

I’ve found myself responding to other writers about the word alcoholic a lot lately. So much so that I decided to consolidate my responses into this piece, and I welcome your comments.

If you identify as an alcoholic, I assume that’s because it helps you in ways I don’t (yet)…

I coach trouble makers (and it takes one to know one).

I was trying to get out of the backseat of my mom’s Volvo station wagon. My too-big L.L Bean backpack was stuck in the too-small opening between the door and the seat. The thick heat of our musty garage against my plaid uniform felt like stepping into a panic attack…

Meghann McNiff

I’m an Integral Coach and Co-Founder of the Seattle Coaching Collective. www.seattlecoachingcollective.com

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